Thursday, September 22, 2011

Could It Be Splitsville For Blogger And The Kitten? And Thrifting. And A Tree.

Blogger - WTF are you doing to me? First you change the photo viewing default to a shadowbox without asking me. I got that taken care of. Then today I'm trying to post a centered picture and can't. I check out a previous post with centered pictures to grab the html. Some of the pics are still centered, others aren't. Ok, the centered ones have "auto" in the margin description, the others don't. It was optional before, why is it necessary now? Hmmmmm?

Looking further back I discover there are more problems. Width and Height tags have been stripped from some photos, regardless of alignment. Some have shrunk, others grown. I have no idea how the size change is determined for each picture.

I really like to vary the size and position of pictures, especially for posts with several pictures. I think it gives the blog more of a magazine look than a straight column look. For three and half years, and over 1100 pictures, I've been adjusting the layout of each post to accomodate this, and in one move Blogger, you've wiped it all out, making several of my posts totally jumbled. Text is squeezed into tiny spaces, nowhere near the picture it refers to, and pictures are strewn about with no rhyme or reason. Isn't it bad enough that I don't spellcheck often enough and make tons of syntax mistakes? I don't need your help to look like a total idiot.

You could say I'm pi$$ed, and you could say the sun is a warm place. You could also say I'm uninfatuated with Blogger, and achieve the same level of accuracy. I'm a little too pi$$ed to decide what to do right now, but here are the choices I'm mulling over:

1. Go back and adjust the posts that have been screwed up, and wait for the next fiasco? Maybe, because I can't stand to leave it messed up like this. Maybe fix some posts and delete others? I doubt it. Post apocolyptic thrift shoppers will want every word of my wisdom intact.

2. As long as this level of repair is required, why not change the template at the same time? A new look could be nice, but could mean having to redo posts that haven't been affected by this problem.

3. Move to Wordpress and start a new blog? I tried them once years ago, and chose blogger over them. Was it a mistake? Even if I did start a new blog, I couldn't just leave this mess behind, so I'd have to fix or delete this blog.

4. Hack into the guidance system of a certain satellite that's been in the news lately? I like the way I think sometimes.

Meanwhile, back at the thrift shop, I found this bag with two interestingly constructed yarns.

6 Louisa Harding fauve 50gr, 87 yds, 100% Nylon. A soft matte nylon tube with a strip of shiny stitching up the center, tone on tone blue.

6+ Cystal Palace Salsa50gr, 95 yds, 100% Cotton. 2 strands of nubbed yarn, 1 Rasberry and 1 Pink are plied together, this is then plied with 2 strands of Pink without nubs.
$3.99 for the bag.

Here's a little ball I picked up for 25¢ a while back, thinking it was Paton's SWS, but I can't find that they've ever made this colorway. It's a full 50gr, burn tests as animal fiber, and I can't detect any plant or synthetic fiber.

Before anyone asks, I don't have plans for any of this yet. But I did have an idea or two for the Katia when I bought it, so Ha Ha Ha to those of ye with little faith. My first thought was hankies, because they'd never show anything! They'd always look clean. Ok, that's not really true.

What I did think about was the Araucania Nature Wool that didn't get a new home in my giveaway. The two go together nicely, but I'm still not thrilled with the colors as is. I've always wanted to overdye the Ara, but my stovetop dye center isn't set up to do 9 100gr skeins at once, and I didn't want to trust that I could get seperately dyed skeins to match. That's why it wound up as an option in the giveaway. The Katia is 50% nylon, which means it will pick up color if dyed with food coloring. So now I'm thinking about the whole dye situation again, only for 23 skeins at once? But, Vivianne is right. First the yarn will sit in my stash for who knows how long.

Here's a tree that I really like. Not that it's special in any way, it just appeals to me.

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Vivianne said...

Don't change anything on the blog yet: it might just be some kind of glitch, they do that all the time; yesterday I lost all my followers LOL but they're back today.
And as for the use for yarn ...plans is all that is, plans. I'll wait til you *show* me what you've made ;-)