Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thrift Shop 11-03-11

1 Crystal Elite TopKnot hat kit: pattern + 77gr 100% cotton, Green/Blue/Lavender multi boucle yarn - price tag: $15.00

1 Trendsetter Voila Print 50gr, 208 yds, 100% nylon, Soft Brown/Tan multi fur - price tag: $12.00

1 Trendsetter Shake 50gr, 35 yds, 60% wool/18% acrylic/15% mohair/7% polyamide, Pumpkiny Orange thick/thin roving plied with a multi strand - price tag: $7.75

1 Crystal Palace Splash 100gr, 85 yds, 100% polyester, Orange/Yellow eyelash - price tag: $11.00

1 GGH Gala 50gr, 85m, 100% polyamid, White eyelash with White sparkle - price tag: $13.79

2 GGH Cappella 50gr, 60m, 40% new wool/30% polyamid/30% acrylic, Satiny Deep Pink ribbon and Mauve eyelash - price tags: $9.99 ea

2 Friends, Inc. Mustachio 100g, 175 yds, 100% acrylic, Shiny Pale Pink eyelash - price tags: $11.00 ea

1 Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky 50g, 65m, 55% merino wool/33% microfiber/12% cahsmere, Grey - price tag: $16.00

Total price tags: $117.52, Thrift Shop price = $3.49

OK, so here's the breakdown - the Splash and Mustachio - absolutely not my cup o' tea, but great for donation to the schools for arts and crafts.

The hat kit isn't what it purports to be. The pattern says the yarn is several strands of cotton yarn, meant to be worked together on size 6 needles at a gauge of 4 st per inch. Instead the boucle is a laceweight, or light fingering at most, and would work up at 8-10 stitches per inch on smaller needles than I've ever used. Also, I've never gotten very far working with cotton, linen or flax, knitting or crocheting - I like the fabric it makes, but I don't like the un-stretchiness of it while I'm working it up, as compared to animal fibers. I've got plenty of it though, so perhaps I'll take a suggestion from the pattern and multi-strand to use it up.

The Debbie Bliss is ok, but $16? Really? I dunno.

The Gala and Voila are maybes, I really like the browns of the Voila, but I'm not a fun fur guy. The Gala could be a nice trim on anything Christmas-sy.

Ditto the Cappella - love the colors, but what to make? It's a really interesting yarn as well. The pink is like a regular ribon yarn, but the mauve sections are as if you'd cut the ribbon along the center, forming a loop of two strands of eyelash, which are then rejoined to one strand of pink ribbon. A picture should be worth 1000 words, but, let's see, I only used about 40 words there.

The Shake in light orange is not that great on it's own, but... back in March I got 8 skeins of Shake, in a darker orange-y red shade that should look very nice with this. Just gotta dig it out, but until then here's another look:


Debbi said...

Your thrift shops sure are better for yarn than ours are! So good of you to donate what you don't want to schools for their crafty projects.

tinajo said...

Good finds - and I donate such things as well to my boys school. They always need such things. :-)