Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Thrifting

I loved the shiny, Champagne colored, thoroughly tangled mess in this bag. I didn't have any idea as to the fiber content of the yarn, or even whether it would be just a pile of short strings and knots! I also didn't care. In true Ethel Waters fashion, I thought of this as "Taking A Chance On Love".

Upon spilling it out, I was pleased to see that at least one hank and one small ball were not part of the mess. On closer examination I found six more hanks, securely tied and barely tangled at all. Within 5 minutes I had them twisted and weighed.

They ranged from 35 to 60 grams, for a total of 330g. Burn test results are that the yarn is self-extinguishing, has wispy white smoke, with barely any odor - just enough to recognise burning hair, and leaves a grainy black ash. Which, along with the feel of the yarn, leads me to believe that this is pure silk. Less smoke and odor than wool, but with a similar ash. No labels or price tag.

Also in the bag were:

1 Rowan Brand Wool Cotton 50%Merino Wool/50%Cotton/50g/Ydg not given Color 930 Lt Olive. Price tag $10.20
1 Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton 100%Cotton/142g/236yds Color 100 "White". No price tag.

Thrit Shop price: $2.49

Here's the rest of the haul for the month:

4 Artful Yarns Portrait - 70%Mohair/25%Viscose/5%Polyester/50g/164yds - Color 202:Purple/Yellow/Green/Blue Multi. No Price Tag.

2 Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Socka - 75%Superwash Wool/25%Polyamid/50g/210m - Color 1023:Black/Red/White Multi - one has been knit into a nearly completed sock, which sadly won't fit me, so it will be frogged. No Price Tag.

1+ Trekking XXL - 75%Superwash New Wool/25%Polyamid/100g/420m + 26g - Color 43:White with Pink/Yellow/Green/Blue dashes. Shop Name "Wildwood" (Norton Shores MI) Price tag $11.95

1 Regia 4f├Ądig - 75%Superwash New Wool/25%Polyamid/50g/210m - Color 616:Dk & Med Blue/White. Price tag $5.99

3 Jamieson's 2 Ply Shetland Spindrift - 100% Shetland Wool Grown and Spun on the Shetland Isles/25g/150yds - 2 Skeins Color 500 "Scarlett", 1 Cake Color "Willow" (front row). Price Tag $5.00

1 Brown Sheep Co. Wildfoote - 75 Washable Wool/25%Nylon/50g/215yds - Color SY-06 "Forget Me Not" Pale thru Dark Blue. Price Tag $5.25

2+ Plymouth Yarn Sockatta - 45%Cotton/40%Superwash Wool/15%Nylon/100g/414yds - Full Skieins Color 94 Blue/Green/Tan & Color 13 White/Grey/Tan + 54g Color 03 Black/Grey/Tan. "Wildwood" Price Tags $7.99

2 Froehlich Wolle Special Blauband 80%VirginWool/20%SwissNylon/50g/210m - 1 Color 7525 Pale Blue with Pink, 1 Color 7704 Pink/Purple/Lavender. These come with a card of color co-ordinated reinforcement thread for the heels, which is included in the 50g weight. "Lizzie Ann's" Price Tag $8.25

2 Regia Cotton Surf Color - 41%Superwash Wool/34%Cotton/25%Polyamid/100g/400m - 1 Color 5421 Pale Yellow/Pale Tan/Pale Green, 1 Color 5118 Dk & Med Blue/Tan. "Wildwood" Price Tag $13.99

1 Schoeller + Stahl Big Print Young Fashion - 100%Superwash Wool/50g/85m - Color 7925 Off-White with Purple/Green/Blue Flecks. Price Tag $7.25

1+ Hollywood Knits Suss Twisted - 100%Slub Cotton. The label says 4 oz, but the full skein, still in the origin label and still tied, only weighs 3.75 oz. The partial ball weighs 2.8 oz. Color "Royal Blue/Red". I've never been impressed with Suss's Patterns, now I'm not impressed with her yarn, too! No Price Tag.

1 Phentex Baby - 100%Acrylic/50g/164m - Color 146 Lavender. I know, I know - how did that get in there, right? "Big Lots" Price Tag $1.25

1 Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Fingering Weight - 100%Merino Wool/50g/180yds - Color "Lemon Ice" Yellows with pastel Orange, Green & Lavender. Price Tag $12.00

Calculating the cost of only full skeins with price tags would come to $119.15. And we haven't even gotten to the unlabeled yarns and bit and bobs yet.

BT? = Burn Test A/Animal P/Plant S/Synthetic

31g Off-White to Lavender Single Worsted BTA
25g Dk Brown 8ply Worsted BTP/A
44g Red/Purple/White/Yellow 3ply Bulky BTA
23g Med Blue 2ply Fingering BTA
6g Red 2ply Sport BTA
63g Med Pewter Grey Single Worsted/Chunky BTA
30g Dk Slate Grey Single Worsted BTA
39g Lt Grey/White Ragg 4ply Fingering BTA/S
54g Med Blue 2ply Sport BTA
30g Wine Red Single Bulky BTA
17g Yellow 6ply Worsted BTA
52g Red 2ply Sport BTP
112g Wine/Navy 2ply Fingering BTA/S*
42g Pale Blue w/Pink Splash 2ply Fingering BTA/S
46g Pastel Green/Lavender 2ply Fingering BTP
17g Scarlett Single Worsted BTA
27g Navy Single Worsted/Chunky BTA
41g Greens/Blues 2ply Fingering BTA
48g Ice Green 4ply Fingering BTA
97g Purple/Lavender 4 ply Fingering BTA/S*
97g Multi Self Striping 4ply Fingering BTA/S*
42g Yellow 4ply Fingering BTA/S
50g Tan Ragg Patons Classic Wool 3ply Worsted 100%Wool
24g Pink 4ply Sport BTA
26g Red Single Worsted BTA
37g Teal 4ply Fingering BTA/S
49g Med Khaki Sport 4ply BTA
59g Navy 3ply sport BTS
50g Pink/Green/Purple "Spring Fling" STR 4ply Fingering 100% Merino
52g Black 2ply Sport BTP
7g Icky Green Mohair Lace BTA
6g Dk Brown Mohair Lace BTA
18g Wine Mohair Lace BTA
25g Med Blue Mohair Lace BTA
23g Pale Blue Mohair Lace BTA
42g NotAsPale Blue Mohair Lace BTA/S

* Wool/Nylon sock yarn is the best bet.

Thrift Shop price: 4 bags, total: $15.46


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I'm so impressed with the quality of your thrift shops!